My Little Home on the Internet

I’ve finally built myself a proper author site! This is going to be my main hub and base of operations. I’ve included links to my other spaces on the internet (tumblr, twitter and facebook – though the latter still needs much work as of writing this post). I’ve also included links to my books and a bit more information in my about me section that you might not have known about me.

I don’t like posting broadcasts on wattpad because not many people read them, and so many non-readers follow me and don’t like getting email notifications. So instead, I’m going to use facebook and this site for announcements! Twitter I mostly retweet stuff and on tumblr it’s turned into an anonymous Q&A which is tons of fun. You can also subscribe via email to get email notifications to my blog posts.

I hope to post writing advice and my own experiences with that/online writing. I’ll also be basing a lot of my content on the tumblr questions and expanding my answers from that.

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